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The last full week of school was filled with so many fun activities and lots of laughter! It's hard to believe there are only two days left of school! See below for some highlights from the week.

"W" is for Waffles:

"X" is for eXchange autographs:

Writing: What should my teacher do during summer break?

The verdict is in - the kids want me to have fun this summer!

HandCut Lunch Picnic:

Thank you HandCut Foods for the yummy picnic lunch!

Mystery Reader:

This week our mystery reader was Grace's mom. Thank you for reading to us!


More pictures from the week:

Need to know for next week:

  • Tuesday, May 31st - End of Year Breakfast (8:30-9:30)

    • Masks required for ALL during the event

    • Family & Friends Welcome

    • Mini Muffins & Fruit

    • Slideshow, Awards, Portfolios

  • Wednesday, June 1st - Lovelace Park Field Day (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)

    • Masks required for ALL while riding the bus, optional at the park

    • All kids wear blue/green Roycemore Shirt

    • Parents are welcome to meet us at the park - please let me know if you plan to do so! If you are joining us I encourage bringing a picnic blanket or beach towels to sit on during lunch - we will not bring any on the bus.

    • All kids must bring a 100% disposable brown bag lunch - must be nut-free - labeled with your child's name!

    • Recommend applying sunscreen at home and wearing appropriate park shoes - no sandals please

    • Please make sure all cubbies are empty at end of the day pick up - everything goes home!

    • Check the lost and found one final time - all items will be donated over the summer

  • Writer's pictureMrs. Smith

This week we "dove" (pun intended!) into our new thematic unit - The Ocean! The kids learned all about the ocean zones and the animals that live there. We watched videos, read books, and participated in ocean-themed crafts and writing prompts.

Shark vs Blue Whale:

After reading a few books about sharks and blue whales the kids wrote down facts about each one. Did you know that sharks never stop swimming?! Or that a blue whale's tongue weighs the same as an adult elephant?!

Ocean Zones: Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone

These zones are based on how much sunlight reaches them. The sunlight zone has most of the animals and ALL of the plants since plants can’t grow without enough sunlight. Dolphins, sea turtles, and most other air-breathers need to live in this zone. In the twilight zone, it’s very dimly lit – not enough sunlight for plants to grow. There are still animals here though, and they either eat each other or eat floating bits that sink down from the sunlight zone. Some animals in this zone can glow (called bioluminescence), allowing them to see what they’re hunting or lure food. Some whales can dive to this zone, but for the most part, the animals are ones that can breathe by getting oxygen from the surrounding water. In the midnight zone, it’s completely dark! The only light comes from animals that can make their own (called bioluminescence). Brrr, it’s chilly here too, and lots of pressure from the water. This zone goes all the way down to the deepest part, a trench (Mariana Trench) in the Pacific Ocean about 6.8 miles (11 km) deep.

Opinion Writing: What is the best ocean animal?

The students are working on expressing their onions in writing. Opinion writing gives students the opportunity to express a preference and gives reasons for holding it.

A-Z Countdown to Summer: Orange Day, Popsicle Day, Quiet Day, Rainbow Day, Stripes & Sunglasses Day!

The kids (and teachers!) are having so much fun with our A-Z Countdown to Summer!

Literacy Centers:

Our centers this week included: CVC Stamp & Write, Mystery Word, Magic "E" Bingo, and Sticker Stretch! Each center focused on reinforcing different phonics skills.